Glowing Stars (2009)

Jenna can be a lady now in the seventh tier. Such as a typical teenage girlshe worries about her breasts maybe not climbing, why she's just isn't quite as hot as Ullis, and also how she could possibly capture Sakke to fall inlove with her or notice she is. If Jenna's mother is diagnosed with cancer, then they're made to maneuver to Jenna's grandma, who Jenna discovers annoying. A friendship begins to rise between Jenna and Ullis once they recognize they have fighting mothers. Finally, Jenna's mother goes away in a healthcare facility. See more at 123movies.

The movie, as seen on soap2day, addresses the problem of losing a family member to departure. Nonetheless, it's also a film about faith, individuality, and success.

It revolves around a girl named Jenna who must take care of her teenaged life while at the exact identical time care for her mother who's sick . The film has been led by Lisa Siwe and composed by Linn Gottfridsson. The movie won several awards.

The young teenager girl Jenna is changing in to a youthful woman whilst her mum is dying. It's tough on her, and so, to admit that she's fearful of losing her mommy. She acts despite that which you might expect from her.

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